About KTM JUNIOR CUP powered by ADAC

„After three years supporting the Austrian Junior Cup to find new national heroes, we are now fully committed to regionally extend the project together with ADAC. The new KTM Junior Cup should be the platform for Juniors in road racing in all German speaking countries. The KTM RC4 R is one of the most competitive entry level racing bikes and all race events will be located in Germany or Austria at FIM-proven race tracks!”

~ Hubert Trunkenpolz, CMO KTM AG 

Hard Facts

  • Nr. 1

    Nr. 1

    Rennserie im deutschsprachigen Raum um Nachwuchstalenten den Schritt in den professionellen Motorsport zu ermöglichen

  • Nr. 2

    Nr. 2

    14 - 21

  • Nr. 3

    Nr. 3

    KTM RC4R
    Ab Modelljahr 2022

  • Nr. 4

    Nr. 4

    5 Rennevents im Rahmen der IDM*
    *vorbehaltlich Terminbestätigung

  • Nr. 5

    Nr. 5

    1 Official Roll Out am Red Bull Ring